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The 2012 Foals


Congratulations to Siri Bond on her new filly by INQUIETO TG x MERCY. Born 5/31/12.  Mercy is 17 yrs old and this is her first foal. Glad to report that other than exhausting her owners with a 367 day gestation mare and filly are doing great !!


Congratulations to Dr. Anne Bohman on her new filly by IMA HUNDRED PROOF x A CLASSICAL SHOWGIRL (full sister to A Magical Mister).


Congratulations to Todd and Pam Croupe on their new Black Tovero filly by IMAHUNDREDPROOF X PIPPEN.


Congratulations to Stacy Thundstrom on her new buckskin colt by KARLI FRITZ DUNIT X COLONEL FLYNNS LENA. 30 days late hes finally here !!


Congratulations to Robert and Patricia Newell on there new dunskin colt by KARLI FRITZ DUNIT x own daughter of HOT SUPERSTITION.


Congratulations to Marti Nett on her new palomino filly by ELVIS WHITE DIAMOND x MY FOXY PIZZAZZ (own daughter of Misters Pizzazz !!) more photos to follow !! watch her show career


Congratulation to Mike, Stacie, Isabella and Michael Devitt on their new filly by IMA HUNDRED PROOF x ZAN PARRS A MINT (Kielee). Beautiful filly with tons of color !!

Congratulation to Linda Smith on her new stud colt by INQUIETO TG x WR EXCEL (own daughter of Excelebrations). Born 4/24/12 (pictured at 9 days old !!) Huge, gorgeous colt !!

Congratulation to the Enyart Family, Scott, Lisa and Amber on the new addition to their family !!  HALF ANDALUSIAN/HALF ARAB FILLY by  INQUIETO x BABY (arab mare). After a hard start we are happy to announce "Moxie" is doing GREAT!!

Newest arrival a gorgeous filly by JAMICIAN HOTTIE x TRULY ROYAL VELVET. Proudly and loving owned by Bob & Pat Williams. Born 3/14 at 8:25 pm. Pat I am so happy for you that you got your "FILLY" !! However, "the one thing I asked Velvet to do was not foal during American Idol, well of course she did !! Silly thing.More pictures to follow soon.

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